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Started as a Social Project in 2011, travelloholic has been a helping hand in knowing different ideas of travel, launched exclusively for travel passionate people – giving them name as 'Travelloholic'

Travelloholic refers to a passionate and addicted Traveler. We create Imaginary situation where people enjoy outdoortrips whenever and where they go and an inspiration behind what we do. It is also the brand behind:

Travelloholic Digital media encourage travelers to travel and explore the world by spreading knowledge through Digital Media and Social Media.

The foremost blog mag on travel - http://travelloholic.com/blog
A publishing imprint of unique travel books, both paper and electronic

The Travelloholic Magazine

A concept where travelers share travelstories, discuss travel plans and participate bycontributing their experience.

  • Explore unseen places
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  • Travel Toonz
Travel slap*: Any negative journey experiences where you were head with difficulties and problems.
Naughty Traveler*: Any naughty experience of a trip
Anti-Traveler*: Any experience of a satisfied Person who doesn't like to travel

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Team Travelloholic
Manish Asnani
Manish Asnani is a passionate travel writer and aphoto collector with Master's degree in International Business. He loves to travel all around. Apart from this he is working on the project to establish his own commercial airline where you can fly in a standing position by year 2020.
… Love travelling and new experiences always open to meet new people and share, we provide platform for travel passionate people to help them share their experience among the other travel freaks that are on their way"
Three Main Pillars of Travelloholic
Prashant Patil
Prashant is from Ahmedabad with a degree in International business from Ahmedabad University. Prashant has travelled whole of India and has been a Passionate traveler. Prashant has experience working as a CMO in a retail business. His lifetime goal is to visit each and every corner of the world. He believes that "travelling is everything".
Ravi Patel
Ravi is from Gandhinagar and he is a computer engineer. Ravi has travelled to India and UK. He is interested in tracking and has travelled to many forests and wildlife centuries. He is passionate about unfolding the unseen places
Tushar Tewani
Tushar is from Gandhidham (Kachchh) and has degree in foreign trade. Along with it, he has experience with the import export firm. He likes to visit new places. He loves to be close to the nature. He is very passionate about road trips.