International Unseen places
Zanzibar, Tanzania
Zanzibar is island in Tanzania and has number of great beaches and gardens surrounding the whole island. Zanzbir is mainly known for the production of spices. These spices are exported to the whole world. It would be a wonderful experience to enjoy the nature of Tanzania. Football is the most popular Sport in Zanzibar.
Banff National Park, Canada
It is the oldest national park in Canada. It has numerous glaciers and ice fields. It is located west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You will likely have most of the great activities in the Canadian Rockies like rafting, horseback riding. It's a real place to visit Canadian mountains.
Segovia, Spain
Segovia is a city in Spain, Segovia is located within the Iberian Peninsula, near Valladolid and Madrid, which is the capital of Spain, old city of Segovia is also declared as heritage city.

It has many ancient historic buildings of Spain. The city is known for its important collection of Romanesque churches made up of both stone and brick.
Grand Canyon – U.S.A.
One of the best place in the world. Grand Canyon is the Colorado River in Arizona State of United States. Planning a vacation to the Grand Canyon would be very peaceful. The best time to visit Grand Canyon is during the summer, and mild spring.
Galapagos Islands Ecuador
Is a unique an extensive group of island, it is on the pacific remote place – 1000 km far from equator mainland, here animals has never learned the fear of Human being, those animals ignore visitors and on go with their regular routine (doesn't harm humankind) . Every island which exists here has a different species, different landscape and different atmosphere. On our trip you get an opportunity to see giant Tortoise mate in swirling highland mists, apart from this you get to see seafaring lizard very closely, you will also be amazed to be with the group of penguins on the way. This is favorite place for Discoveries ever known.
This scenic stream and its breathtaking waterfalls are together referred to as the enchantress of the jungle. Sliding down numerous hillocks from a height of 200 ft, the gushing water has etched out over the years a twelve metre deep pond in the rocks and joins the Teekoy river way down. And right under the waterfalls is a natural bridge.

Marmala waterfalls lie a few kilometers away from Erattupetta and it is exactly seven km from Teekoy rubber estate. From here a private vehicle can take you further two km after which the road is not motorable. To reach the falls one has to trek through the estate over the rocky path.
Tham Morakot- Thailand
One of the fantastic attractions of the Unseen in Thailand is located at the west of Ko Muk. The exciting journey to Morakot Cave besides seeing the marvelous nature creation is the way to reach the cave by swimming one by one into the entrance of the cave with the width of not more than 10 metres and little area above the sea level.
Pantanal is in Brazil and also known for Amazon. Whenever you go there you should meet the residents. And many of them live in vast marshy land. You can also find giant otter, giant anteater, giant water lilies, huge caiman, and umpteen birds. Jaguar is normally seen. Simply driving through the road you can yield excellent wildlife sightings and also expect a cawing, roaring, chirruping onslaught.
You can experience Titicaca while exploring your trip to the floating Uros Islands, and then on to Taquile. There you can have fried trout. After having that you can look round the local craft market, which has amazing woven products and traditionally produced. To reach the village on the lakeshore you can take boat. After reaching there you can stay in local family and can have traditional dress and local hall where you will be offered to food, drinks, and plenty of music and dancing.
Caye Caulker , Belize
Caye Caulker is the world's second-largest coral reef lurks. Where you can motivate even the laziest of visitors to this laid-back isle to get off their deckchairs and jump in. please don't afraid of diving you will have world class snorkeling. Where you can experience the Technicolor tropical fish, toothy barracuda and glum-mouthed groupers. For thrilling experience you can go for Shark Ray Alley and Shark Ray Village.
South Luangwa National Park, Zambia
This place is not for conventional traveler who wants minibus for watching the animals. From this place concept of walking safari is emerge. But you can have luxurious camp or lodge to go back to at night. If you don't like to be interrupted by other tourist then this is best place for you. This is the best places in the world to see leopards.
Stromboli, Italy
Stromboli is a small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the north coast of Sicily, containing one of the three active volcanoes in Italy. It is the only island whose shouldering cone is permanently active. Stromboli stands 3,034 ft above sea level, but actually rises over 6,500 ft above the sea floor. You can visit this island if you are interested in watching other face of nature.
Uluru, Australia
Uluru is a large sandstone rock formation in central Australia. This place is very famous for watching sunrise and sunset. If you love watch sunset then it is must see place for you.
Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand (An Icy experience)
The Franz Josef is a 12 km long glacier located in Westland Tai Poutini National Park on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island. Guided and unguided walks up to and onto the glacier are possible. You can also enjoy the arial view of a glacier from helicopter. Though the glacial landscape changes almost daily with the glaciers unusually fast flow, and some walks include passages through ice tunnels, they are still considered quite safe and only somewhat strenuous.
Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil (Devil's Throat)
Iguazu Falls are waterfalls of the Iguazu River located on the border of the Brazilian State of Paraná and the Argentine Province of Misiones. It is a Huge wall of water. Seeing the falls glowing in full moonlight is an amazing experience.